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3 déc. 2018
This was amazing !!!! Totally what we wanted and more ! The experience alone is well worth it! Barbara I cannot thank you enough for welcoming us into your home and making our last night in Rome an experience to remember!
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1 déc. 2018
The most welcoming host, the most amazing food set in a beautiful eclectic flat with great company. It was my girlfriends 30th and I don't think we could have found a better place to eat in the whole of Rome. We had so much fun this will be the highlight of our trip. My only dilemma having eaten here on our first night is that now I don't think eating in any restaurant will be as good, especially not for atmosphere. Don't hesitate to book, you won't be disappointed!
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28 nov. 2018
The meal was amazing. There were so many good dishes. The atmosphere was great and the company even better. We got to meet different people and just had a fun and wonderful time. Barbara, her cousin and niece were all so very fun and friendly. I highly recommend this experience.
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28 nov. 2018
Review: Well, what can we say, we had been gifted this experience by a friend as our wedding present for our honeymoon and we weren’t sure what exactly to expect. Just as we were dropped off by a taxi, we walked down a little street/lane and weren’t sure where to go, then were greeted from a window above by Francesca, with her happy smiley face she asked if we were looking for that place and told us she will buzz us up! As soon as we walked in we were greeted by Francesca and Barbara. These two lovely characters made us feel right at home and encouraged us to introduce ourselves to the rest of the guests who were already there. We met a lot of lovely people from all over the world and were given some wine glasses to which we wrote our names on so people wouldn’t feel awkward by forgetting (they really couldn’t). After everyone met each other we were told to take our seats, not before we were given some amazing bruschetta. Each and every meal that came out was mouth watering and amazing. The food was matched by the great vibe and mood set by the hosts. They encouraged interaction and to meet new people which normally we don’t do enough of. The drinks were flowing and everything was absolutely perfect. A unique experience and one we will never forget!
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