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12 oct. 2019
We had a fabulous evening with Ai. The food was perfectly cooked, delicious and unique, our hosts explained the food and from where it was sourced, and the guests were an interesting mix of friendly people - local New Yorkers and travelers together. I highly recommend this experience and would eat with Ai again. Thank you!
11 oct. 2019
Fantastic, Ai's home is unlike any NYC home I've seen, and I love every deliberate attention to detail not just in the space, but especially the food. We were chatting with fellow diners by the end of it and unianmously sometimes silent for our first tastes in whichever course was coming. Highly recommended for any seafood lovers!
10 oct. 2019
Oh, what a great find! The food was exceptional, the experience was extraordinary. Each dish out of ten courses looked like a painting. She not only is a great chef but also is a very warm host. I and as well as my 6 guests for the night left Ai's place with very pleasant memories on mind and taste on our tongues.
5 oct. 2019
We had ten courses of beautifully prepared food. Every dish was lovely to look at as well as exceptional to eat. Ai and her assistant were working so hard to prepare the dinner; I think I might have appreciated a little more social interaction to help guests get to know one another, start conversations, etc. But overall it was a wonderful experience.

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