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30 avis

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We really enjoyed Chanchal and Sigal's hospitality and their lovely personal story. The atmosphere was very nice and the butter chicken was incredibly delicious!
The dinner was pleasant and the food was mostly great. Sigal and Chanchal's passion for India, its culture and food is noticeable. When it came to the practicalities of hosting, it was a bit of a letdown. Priced at over 200 NIS, it didn't feel like a good value for money: only one dish had meat, beers and sides weren't being replenished and the dessert was underwhelming. All in all, though we left full and well-informed, as an experience, it did not meet the expectations. Tal
An overall pleasant experience but really not the best value for money for a few reasons: 1. Long wait for the food - waited for about 1hr from the designated time (8pm) until the first dish was served. If there's a delay, at least have some snacks on the table for your hungry guests. 2. Drinks - need to pay more attention to the drinks. If it's over, bring over some more. 3. Dessert - A very small amount of 'chikpea halva' and a very small cup of Chai. 4. Maybe bring some spices and 'snacks' to bring more color to the table and to experience more Indian tastes. Positive notes: 1. Plenty of food, everyone was full. 2. The chicken was absolutely amazing!! 3. Chanchal's and Sigal's story is interesting and unique. Good luck!
Was such a great evening. Delicious food, great ambiance, met fun people. Explanations of everything we ate. Really enjoyed it and would (and already did) recommend to everyone to experience. What fun!

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