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17 nov. 2018
Andrzej was a wonderful host. These were some of the best pizzas I’ve ever had and the wine pairing was excellent. I would definitely come back again for the food!
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17 nov. 2018
Fabulous pizza and wine, great host. Loved this experience!
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27 oct. 2018
I can not recommend this dinner enough! Andrezj and Lieu are basically your ubercool chic dream friends that throw the dopest dinner party. The wine was so special and carefully curated to go with the most delicious, creatively handmade pizzas. Seriously the best dinner and company, don’t hesitate to book this fabulous experience!
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30 mai 2018
Our pizza and wine lunch experience was above and beyond expectation. Andrzej and Lieu were hilarious, welcoming hosts that made the dining just as delicious as it was entertaining. I hope to see what he cooks up next!
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