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24 juin 2019
Meal was delicious!! We had the vegetarian meal, and everything was fresh and just lovely! The terrace was a wonderful place to spend the evening and Fabio and Rocco are lovely people! I would recommend this to anyone!
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19 juin 2019
Absolutely amazing! We had dinner on a beautiful terrace, with delicious food and great company. Rocco and Fabio made it very comfortable for me and my family, they just made us feel right at home. We lost track of time because we were too busy laughing & dancing. Definitely reccomend this experience to anyone. Thank you Rocco and Fabio!
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14 juin 2019
It was our first experience of Eat With and we’re very pleased we did it. Our hosts were very friendly and gave some advice on how to get to their part of town from where we were staying. There was a very convivial atmosphere even though we were the only 2 guests that evening. Rocco’ does not speak much English and I’m afraid our Italian is next to non-existent, but Fabio more than makes up for it. The food was lovely and the wine was flowing along with the conversation on their beautiful terrace. If you want to get away from the tourist trail and enjoy a Roman meal and welcome you won’t be disappointed.
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18 mai 2019
My mother and I went to Rocco and Fabio’s for mother’s Day dinner. The night was no less than an exceptional. Other than the food being plentiful and beyond delicious, the company surrounding us was so enjoyable. We had such a fun night of conversation and laughter and learning about each other and new cultures. Rocco and Fabio’s home is beautiful and they are amazing hosts, and the friends they invited were wonderful people. Communication prior to the dinner with them was also very easy, and we were sad to leave at the end of the night. Highly recommend if you’re in Rome and would like to eat an awesome home cooked meal with some of the best locals you’ll have the pleasure of meeting!!!
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