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18 août 2019
The evening with Carla was amazing! I totally felt like I came to visit a friend rather than a dinner host. The atmosphere was friendly and easy, the conversation, thanks to Carla, never stopped and endless this evening was endless! The meal also was great. Traditional French dishes with a touch of modern and personal view, inspired by Carla’s and her husband origins and experience. The wine pairing deserves a special mention because all the wines fit perfectly to the meal and weren't just something ordinary. I absolutely this experience and I wish to meet Carla again!
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15 août 2019
Having dinner with, and meeting Carla was one of the best parts of our trip. Thank you, EatWith for introducing us to what felt like an old friend :)
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15 août 2019
Perfetta serata, casa molto bella, ottima cucina, buon abbinamento dei vini. La padrona di casa, Carla è molto simpatica e riesce a creare un ambiente rilassato e caloroso. Consiglio a tutti di provare questa esperienza. Ripeterò volentieri la prossima volta che verrò a Parigi.
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14 août 2019
Carla was a TREASURE! The meal and accompanying wines were extraordinary and Carla was a kind, interesting and lovely hostess. Our evening was one of the highlights of our trip to Paris. We would HIGHLY recommend dinner with Carla to one & all if your journey takes you to Paris!
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