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2 mars 2019
My dinner with Pia and her family was way better of everything I expected. The food was incredible, surely something you could only eat in a familiar context. The place was nice and typical and made my feel like home. But the best part of this incredible night was the people. Pia's family and their friend are incredible. After ten minutes I was already feeling like I had been eating with them every single Sunday of my life up to now. I went home drunk and happy feeling like I was coming home from a family dinner. I hope to meet all of them again as soon as possible. I highly recommend this experience to everyone who is looking to get in contact with local culture and also to anyone who wants to meet incredibly nice people. :) Un saluto speciale a Frederick!
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6 janv. 2019
Pia her husband & children made us feel very welcome - Delicious food & great company - Made to feel very welcome - Highly recommended
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1 janv. 2019
Superbe soirée en compagnie de Catherine, son compagnon et leur amie. Le repas était excellent et typique, ainsi que les vins qui l’accompagnaient. Une soirée d’échange et de convivialité qui demeure un de nos moments préférés de notre séjour à Vienne. Bonne année
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23 déc. 2018
We had an absolute wonderful time with Pia and her family and the other travelers we met there. Thanks again Pia! What a marvelous meal!
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