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3 déc. 2018
A gorgeous setting, with superb food. Everything from the freshly baked sourdough with whipped Marmite butter, to the pine ice cream served on a frozen rock felt like something from a starred restaurant. That menu with the wine pairing would have been £120+ anywhere else, and it would not have been as cool. Will definitely be going again.
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28 nov. 2018
Amazing amazing food. Great friendly and relaxed atmosphere
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25 nov. 2018
Absolutely winterish and refreshing. Friendly hosting and nice and dinamic company. Beside the food the wines to accompany each dish are carefully selected super tasty and enhance the overall experience Thumbs up! We’ll surely come back with the next menu change
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3 nov. 2018
Meal was great .. though it was lot like tapas portions .. I am still hungry after the meal & there were no extra drinks on offer .. the meal has wine pairings but no extra wine was given
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