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Selon la politique de Eatwith, l'hôte possède une certification en matière d'hygiène et de sécurité alimentaire délivrée par un organisme officiel.

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Ils parlent de leur expérience chez Aidan

Julianjuin 2020
From the warm welcome, where we were handed a delicious cocktail on arrival, through to the last bite of the scrumptious dessert, everything about the evening was simply delightful. Hearing the story behind each dish really brought the whole menu to life. I will definitely be back to Eleven98 and would recommend it to anyone looking for a unique, fun and delicious dining experience.
Susannahmars 2020
We had a fabulous evening. The food was everything we expected and more - seasonal super local and delicious. The atmosphere was gorgeous and Aidan was the perfect host. I would recommend.
Katrinafévrier 2020
Wonderful food (particularly liked the fact that it was all Hackney-sourced), excellent company and a lovely location. Felt like a proper dinner party (which feels like a rare occurrence these days!). Aidan explained the story behind each dish; why he made it and how. It was clear how much attention and care went into each dish. The menu was varied and I liked that vegetables were given equal attention to the meat/ fish dishes.
bessfévrier 2020
This was a fantastic evening with great company, food and atmosphere. Aidan is a gifted and truly innovative chef who passionately shared with us his love of locally sourced produce in the comfort of his (very welcoming) Hackney home. The outcome was superb food, fascinating conversations, and us leaving with a smile on our faces, having experienced something a little different. I should mention that I was initially apprehensive when I realised that the final menus had no meat, and, as I don't eat fish, I was predominantly left with vegetarian options (contrary to the sample menu which had two meat dishes). However, I shouldn't have worried as the food was remarkable, filling and diverse and actually all the more interesting for not including meat. Overall, the experience was unique and I would whole heartedly recommend Aidan and any experience he leads. If, you are looking for a meal with meat then note that Aidan rarely includes it, BUT, I urge you to forget your prejudice and consider this experience regardless Bess

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