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10 oct. 2018
Samantha was amazing! Made for a wonderful anniversary date. Great conversation, learned a TON, and amazing pasta!
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1 oct. 2018
Amazing experience! Samantha was the most gracious host, a wonderful teacher, and so friendly to spend time with. Not to mention the food was incredible! We will be making homemade pasta a LOT going forward. Would definitely recommend to everyone!
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25 sept. 2018
What an absolute gem. Sam was born to do this! She took the time to let us know what she was doing, how we could do the same, and then made sure we had plenty of time for the important stuff...LIKE EATING! A true delight. Highly recommended!
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24 sept. 2018
The evening was phenomenal! The hands on and one-on-one attention made an excellent learning environment. Samantha is truly a gem, and shared so much more than learning how to make pasta. I would highly recommend the class to everyone!
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