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23 nov. 2018
It was great fun! The food was great (especially the fish)
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23 nov. 2018
From the begging everything felt amazing! Having Hagai welcome us to his house and telling us his stories made the whole evening unique and intimate. The night started with a couple glases of wine and Hagai explaining his menu and the story behind them. The food came and it was deliteful! The small plates where amazing with his increible foccacia on the side. The food never stopped coming! After the break we’ve enjoyed the main course - seafood on labane and tortellini. We closed the evening with fish and potatos that neutralized our palate to enjoy the delicious dessert. I really recomend this evening! Was very special and deliteful.
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22 nov. 2018
חוויה מיוחדת. אנשים נחמדים, אוכל טוב ומשובח ואוירה מצויינת. מומלץ בחום.
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4 nov. 2018
Hagai's place is charming and the atmosphere was lovely. The first courses were lovely, the eggplant and fish bruschetta were very tasty. The beetroot carpaccio dish especially yummy. The shrimp dish was excellent!!! a delicacy! the pasta and the fish were somewhat mediocre. my husband and I are split about the desert - he thinks it was good, I was a bit disappointed at the presentation of the dish. The red wine was lovely while the white one was less so. the liquor at the end was charming though I could've really enjoyed an espresso at the end, to even out the alcohol a bit. all in all it was an enjoyable dinner, we loved the company at our end of the table. compliments to Hagai - it was impressive that the food was served to so many people at once. the time between courses was just right, and the quantity of food was excellent - I came out full but not stuffed! suggestion to Hagai, invite a smaller group so that you have time to talk to the guests during the meal, not only at the end.
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