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27 août 2018
My mom and I had a lovely evening with Marco. He is very knowledgeable and the sauces we're delicious!
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13 mars 2017
We spent an awesome night with Marco, this incredible chef and amazing magician! He had a lot of fun and we left with a full estomach! The dishes were greats. Congrats!!
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27 févr. 2017
Perfect Italian atmosphere! We had a really great time with Marco, he is funny and is interesting. The food was great so I recommend it to others
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7 févr. 2017
Da Marco si può passare una serata diversa all'insegna dei sughi e imparare le modalità di c cottura. Ottimo anche il vino che accompagnava i piatti Divertenti e da vedere i trucchi di magia dello chef
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