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22 avr. 2019
Excellent experience. Lovely food! Highly recommend
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21 avr. 2019
Great evening with personalised service from the staff. Such yummy food too!
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20 avr. 2019
Fabulous. Relaxed. Just a lovely, lovely night. Book now.
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20 avr. 2019
It was a fun evening! Nice taster menu, didn’t like the first starter but the rest of the dishes were nice. A shame the tube train wasn’t moving! Please note it’s situated in the old pump museum in Walthamstow! Bit of a trek to get to but good fun once there! After a few glasses of prosecco train carriage felt like it was moving! Nice atmosphere, cosy! Only criticism no coffee or tea served at the end of the meal! Little bit over priced but a one off fun experience!
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