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19 mai 2019
Great hospitality, wonderful food, definitely recommended!
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18 mai 2019
We were a group of friends who booked a Greek dinner. Dafi serves fresh tasty food, with a wide variety of dishes, plus shots of her home made liqueur here and there. The dilemma was whether to take a second portion or leave room for the next dish... Beyond the great food, Dafi is a wonderful host, funny, friendly, and willing to share her unusual life story. We had a great evening!
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15 mai 2019
Amazing!!! Very tasty, unique and special food, great hospitality - I recommend everyone to try this one! Dafi is definitely the right choice for this experience. Thanks you! We’ll be back. (We were 6 people, all of us are smiling and happy👌👏)
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26 avr. 2019
היה נורא נורא טעים ומפנק, המנות לא הפסיקו להגיע לשולחן, כולן מוגשות מפנק ונדיב. הייתה רמה אחידה וגבוהה מאוד בין המנות מה שעשה לנו ממש כיף. תודה!
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