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Magid Gastan
3 déc. 2018
The event was spectacular! The Meals were Tasty, well-prepared and nicely presented!!
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1 déc. 2018
Cenando como en un restaurante, pero en una casa acogedora, donde Isotta tenía controlado cada detalle. Rica pasta italiana con toques de jamón ibérico, un postre delicioso y vino que sube ligeramente a la cabeza para que exploten risas y buena conversación.
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24 nov. 2018
Cozy dinner with multicultural hots, which was reflected in the food. Very tasty and innovative dishes where tradition meets acquired experience of a well travelled cook! Isotta and Andrea made us feel at home and it was lovely chatting with them. Isotta is a passionate cook and Andrea a great baker. Their attention to detail did not go unnoticed (little but touching detail were the individual towels). We totally recommend the experience. As a plus, it’s located in a top going out area full of life.
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