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2 mai 2019
My meal at Tito's was a fantastic experience! Tito is a very talented Flamenco guitar player who is very enthusiastic to introduce you to this art! Nice food, combined with great live guitar musical performances and great conversations. A true authentic experience at Tito's home!
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11 avr. 2019
Tito was an amazing host, both an incredibly talented cook AND guitarist. Our evening in his Santa Cruz apartment was a highlight of our trip to Seville. Not only did we have a lovingly prepared meal reflecting the local Spanish cuisine and Tito's individual interpretations, but we were also treated to his guitar and singing artistry afterwards. He interspersed traditional flamenco pieces with his own songs and gave us an education about types of flamenco, influences, its history, and even the many different rhythms. Tito was also an attentive and charming host, working hard to make our experience memorable but taking time to ask questions, show his interest in us, and tell us funny stories. This is a spectacular treat. To be at the center of flamenco music and to spend such a memorable evening with a truly talented, worldly artist, is something we will always remember.
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25 mars 2019
Fue una noche super agradable, muy buena comida, muy buenos vinos, y sobre todo el ambiente con la guitarra y el anfitrión cantando me pareció super bonito, seguro repetiría.
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25 mars 2019
Cena en casa de Tito ha sido magnifico, hemos compartido nuestra pasión Flamenco y Cocina, la conversación sobre gastronomía y vinos... Todo el mundo hemos participado la fiesta flamenca después de la cena, muy buen ambiente y comida espectacular... Muchas gracias por el momento precioso.
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