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Prakkyvoctobre 2019
Spent and evening aboard the Bustronome with my partner for her birthday. The visit was easy to arrange and adding in wine pairings to our booking was easy to do on the same day. The staff on the bus were friendly and welcoming and kept our glasses well topped up throughout (with excellent balance despite some occasional bumps, not a drop spilt!). Food was spot on from start to finish, particularly to garlic & tomato cheesecake, cod fillet and ballotine of chicken. The set-up on the bus was very intelligent with a clever array of equipment on each table to keep glasses and cutlery well fixed. We loved seeing London this way and had such a great evening. The added touch of birthday song and candle during the dessert were also greatly appreciated. Thank you again.
Reneoctobre 2019
Great experience Beautiful drive around the city at night. The food was great with some good wine pairings. A really great and unique way to dine and watch the city.
Federicaoctobre 2019
A gourmet dinner around London by night. Thanks to our guests.
Pauloctobre 2019
From our Champagne greeting to journeys end, all first class! Excellent food, service & comfort. Spectacular sights and a smooth ride. Each course was beautifully presented, and served by Victor our charming waiter. Unusual concept but thoroughly enjoyable and certainly recommended.

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