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Ils parlent de leur expérience chez Marisa

Marisa is a phenomenal host that transported my colleagues and I to Italy through her warm hospitality and beautiful space! The food was very fresh and flavorful and she went way out of her way to accommodate my vegan lifestyle which I am so incredibly appreciative of because every bite was heaven. My colleagues felt the same way and can't stop talking about it. I absolutely, highly recommend Marisa for your Italian Eatwith experience. You will feel right at home in her cozy, beautiful space that will transport you to Italy! :)
If you find yourself reminiscing about that amazing trip to Italy and you’re missing that authentic Italian eating experience, you’re in luck! No longer do you need to buy an expensive ticket and travel all the way to Europe! Marisa delivers that experience to you on the UES. Everything from her warm and welcoming personality to the amazing dishes coming out of her kitchen, transport all of your senses to Molise, Italy where she is from. The space she hosts in is beautiful and Marisa makes everyone feel right at home! Make sure to come hungry, as typical for Italian meals, this in not a one dish event. While you’re enjoying your appetizer, you can already smell the tomato sauce she’s been making for you since that morning. Oh, and leave room for dessert, her tarts are pure perfection!
A lovely evening meeting new people, and eating the most wonderful food. All home cooked by Marisa herself! From the focaccia bread, the main dish of pasta - cannelloni - and the beautiful apple desert with fresh creme! She is so gracious and welcoming!! I highly recommend.
Marisa is such a lovely host who made each of her guests feel like they're part of a family. When you're at her experience, you'll be transported away from the hustle and bustle of New York streets and into a home that's been elegantly decorated and filled with delicious food. I highly recommend her cooking!

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