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Ils parlent de leur expérience chez Frederico

Ugodécembre 2019
Wonderful experience! Nice Guy! good bread! and the Gins and Tonics were fantastic!
Gilseptembre 2019
It was quite the artisan experience. The presentation and taste of the food, the Gins and bottles was perfect. Turns out there is a lot about Gin I didnt know still. It interesting watching Afonso's hands preparing the drinks. They flow from one place the next doing tasks like a magician. The space is also really unique, it looks like some kind of a bar house thing with a couch. The platters are well crafted, including among other things jams, cheeses, chorizos and homemade bread which had a noticeable depth of taste. All in all me and my 2 buddies were not expecting this level of mastery from a random afternoon distraction.

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