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Paulaoctobre 2019
Genial! Altamente recomendable, súper agradables anfitriones y ambiente inmejorable, repetiremos!! Gracias Lea por todo :)
Virginiaseptembre 2019
This was an amazing experience! The sailboat was magnificent and our Captain Xesco was super personable. It felt like we had known him all of our life. This is a must do in order to understand the true magnitude of how wonderful is was. I will do this over and over again if I get the opportunity to be in Barcelona again.
Kristinseptembre 2019
It was really great - the sunset was amazing with the view on Barcelona. The tapas and the whole atmosphere were really good, too. If we're back in Barcelona some day, we'll book another tour and we will tell our friends about this super tour 😊.
Kurtaoût 2019
I'm conflicted about how best to write this review, but my goal is to be honest and fair. My wife and parents went out on this boat on August 31st for the sunset sailing. In the end, we all had a nice night and the value for the money was there. But there are things that detracted from the experience that could be addressed. Booking and Communication: Easy to book and the host was VERY proactive in communication. Directions were very detailed and I could not have been more pleased with this part of the process. Boat: The boat was very nice. I read that it was from the 1970's and thought it might be older or not kept up well. It was in very good shape and clean. The only concern I have here is that the area guests would typically sit is a square with padded seats for 6-8 people and a giant navigation wheel in the center. I understand that this is how boats work, but for an "Eatwith" experience, it made the sitting and eating part a challenge. We had six on the boat with us and the captain had to ask one lady to keep moving as she was covering up some navigational instruments he needed. Each of us had to sit somewhat awkwardly to be in the same space together while the boat was being driven. Food: Unfortunately, this is where I was underwhelmed. On the positive side the meats and cheeses were nice. Fairly standard for this part of the world and no complaints. The captain shared that his family makes the olive oil we tried and told us interesting stories about that process. Very authentic! But after we got started the captain brought out an already opened bottle of red wine and it turns out that was the ONLY bottle on board. There was white and beer available and no one really cared too much on my cruise, but when they ran out of the option you would guess would be one of the most popular after pouring the first round, that's not ok... If this were being advertised as an experience and not on a dining website, it would be a lot more acceptable. Additionally, the presentation of a bowl of crushed tortilla chips and croutons rather than bread to dip olive oil in seemed lazy. Atmosphere - The boat was nice and seeing the sunset over the mountains was lovely. The night we went out, the host was not present (she told us the day of that she could not be there and the captain would handle everything for us). I would have preferred more of a focus on the food and beverage (we were offered one chance to refill a glass), but instead had an evening of limited conversation about sailing. The captain was VERY VERY nice, but spoke broken English and this made talking a challenge. All in all I feel like we got what we paid for. We went out on a nice boat for a sunset cruise and there was a little food and beverage there to enhance the experience. This tour should be offered on another website as there was nearly no focus on the food and beverage part of the evening and since the host did not come, there was no real opportunity for any meaningful interactions or conversation about the city, the port, or anything local. I'm not unhappy with the end result, but feel that trying to sell this as an Eatwith experience is probably the wrong route to go. It is a boat tour with a plate of meat and cheese. I hope that our experience helps either the hosts to refine their offerings or future guests to have a better understanding of what they are going to receive.

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