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This dinner was so dope. Would do this every month if offered.
The experience with Bri and Fred's Pop-Up dinner was beyond fantastic. I attended along with 3 other friends, and from the moment we arrived we were immediately greeted by the hosts and welcomed with a glass of champagne. The event space was absolutely stunning including chandeliers, beautifully decorated tables with candles and flowers - fabulous ambiance. We mingled with other guests around the velvet couches and were then offered seating at the tables of our choice. Every course was perfection, the sea bass was better than any 5-star restaurant I've ever been to. After dessert was served, the Master Chef hosts came out, introduced themselves, took photos with everyone, & answered questions about their experience on the show from Season 10. We also were given a surprise gift bag with an exquisite Macaroon to take home. It was a fabulous experience from start to finish!
Absolutely give this event 5 starts. This is their first pop-up event, so how they present the food, organize time and location are totally amazing. Fred and Bri always there, welcome and take care of the guests to make sure everyone happy and enjoy the food. They also let everyone know clearly about ingredients and how they made the food, which made me so appreciate and honor to be there and taste their food.
Ralph Xavier11/09/2019
Experience was amazing! The venue was overlooking downtown LA and the courses were delicious. My favorites were the entree (Duck) and Dessert (Mochi w/ a coconut custard inside) What made the experience priceless was how nice Bri and Fred were to the guest. There were guests that flew from out of town to be there and they were more than happy to answer questions about the show, the courses, as well as future plans.

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