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Maria julia
11 août 2019
Very tasty food, nice place and enjoy so much the Night with Elias and Giovanni so nice, friendly. We had a good talk eating on their rooftoop. Don't hesitate to book a dinner with them if you plan to go to Florence
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6 mai 2018
I was really looking forward to the dinner at Elia's, which was on my birthday, and I was traveling alone, so I thought it would be fun. I had been out touring Florence all day when I arrived at the address. There was no door bell with his name on it at the address. Frustrated, I finally checked my emails to find that he had cancelled because of illness earlier in the day. I see that he also cancelled because of illness on another reviewer. Illness may be code for "I didn't have enough diners". I was disappointed to miss the meal. The stars are not indicative of my experience because there is no way for reviewers to leave no stars.
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9 oct. 2017
Ist was a pleasure to have dinner at Elia's home. Thank you for teaching and speaking Italian with us.
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3 sept. 2017
I had a wonderful evening at Elia's! The food was excellent. Elia was a great host. It was a nice atmosphere and I can recommend anybody to book a menu at Elia's! ps: The view of the surrounding Tuscany is excellent from Elia's roof-top terrace! ✌️
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