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Ils parlent de leur expérience chez Vesna

Timothyjanvier 2020
I just wanted to thank Vesna and Robi for opening up their family home to us... and for letting us play with their delightful little Lucija! Vesna and Robi are serious foodies. They forage and they know their herbs and wine. They make pretty much everything from scratch or carefully source them from artisans who do. Thanks so much for welcoming us to your beautiful country!
Charlottemai 2019
This was my third Eat With experience and I'm sure they just get better and better. Vesna and Lucija were the perfect hosts, the food was delicious and it was so nice to learn about the fresh food that was prepared, and about Vesna's lifestyle and work in Slovenia. 100% recommend!
Bassimmai 2016
Vespa and Rob were great hosts. They seemed very friendly and easy to talk with. We had a great time with them. Their organic and homemade food was delicious. We enjoyed talking to them in different topics besides cultures and traditions exchange.
Josephmars 2015
A very pleasant intercultural experience with very local food, all prepared from scratch, with explanations along the way. Delightful! And, a gift given us as we departed. Thanks for the privilege to share such a moment.

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