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24 nov. 2018
Wonderful experience & delicious food
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5 oct. 2018
Our meal with Alberto and Ella was absolutely wonderful and delicious. We appreciated the local and organic source of all the ingredients we had, everything paired thoughtfully with local wines. The atmosphere was also really nice in their space in Barcelona. We had a private event for a birthday dinner and we could not have chosen a better way to celebrate.
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25 sept. 2018
We had a fantastic market tour and cooking class with Alberto and Ella. This fun and engaging couple made our experience very fun and memorable. This isn't your typical paella cooking class, but rather an authentic Spanish experience that highlights the culinary excellence of this region. We received some great information and solid tips on how to shop and what to look for in the market, coupled with a hands-on cooking class, made better by a great company of people. The only thing that would top this is if we get the chance to do it all again in the near future! Thank you Alberto and Ella for helping us create wonderful memories of Barcelona!
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25 sept. 2018
Ella and Alberto are amazing hosts! They truly love sharing their passion for food with their guests. they take the time to teach you about sustainability, how to source quality ingredients, and cooking techniques. They are genuine and friendly, and I'd highly recommend their classes.
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